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Kitten Toys - 24 Pack

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  • KITTEN TOYS GREAT VALUE - 24 pieces of cat toys with a collapsible Cat Tunnel, Cat Teaser Wand, Interactive Feather Toy, Fluffy Mouse, Crinkle Balls, Cat Springs, etc.
  • BUSY CATS, HEALTHY CATS - This assortment provides hours of exercise and self-amusement. The toys will keep your cat busy when you are away. Burning off extra energy from your kitties.
  • WARNING - Supervise pets during play to avoid ingestion of small parts and replace broken toys timely for the safety of your pets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Bargain Fun!

What a bargain bag of colorful kitty toys! Don't expect them to last long-that's not what kitten toys are for- especially good for growth stage of "pounce & destroy" (4-8 mos) .These trifles are colorful and priced well. Hide them under furniture for kitty to discover for busy joy. Eye appeal: Attractively packaged so a nice gift as it arrives without extra wrapping. Like a baby gift, send to a friend with a new feline!

GP Alaska
A great buy!

These cat toys are a fantastic deal! All of them are nice, they are all well made and our cats love them. Some of these toys would cost 3 to 4 dollars by themselves in a pet shop or grocery store, so these are a real bargain. The little tunnel is pretty nice also, it is lightweight and a bit small, but our cats like it as much as any other they have had. An extra feature that this tunnel has is a toy hanging from the top of one end, they like to play with it when they are in the tunnel. This is an adorable set and a great deal! I highly recommend it!

Five happy kitties but mind the wire

My cats all loved the toys especially the tunnel. It held up well...for a while. I'm not sure how they did it but the fabric holding up the wire tire and the metal wire kept popping out. After attempts to fix it patch it failed I cut as much wire as the fabric would allow. I actually threw the tunnel away the second time I had to trim the wire but they drug it out of the trash. Now it's been hidden and the balls removed as one cat poked his eye on the wire. Thankfully he has no damage that we can see. All of the other toys are also in some state of torn apart however that's cuz there are five cats playing with them. All m all we bought the pack for the tunnel and sadly it didn't hold up as well as was hoped

Jazz is so fun omg

I got this for my 1 year old orange tabby because we moved into a new apartment and I didn't want him to be bored, he LOVES these toys! When I first got them all he would do is snuggle them all the time it was adorable!! Ive had them for over a month now and they're all still going!! The only thing I didn't receive was the blue star in the picture and the only 2 items he's completely destroyed are the blue and white ball and the stick with the fur on it. Glad I got these! Also he hasn't show any signs of allergies or sickness from the toys like I've read about on other cat toy reviews on here!

Great package for kittens

We bought this pack for 2 kittens we adopted recently and they love it. It has a big variety of toys, and they already have some favorites.The tunnel is a little smaller than I expected because I didn't read the description. It's a fine size for the kittens but a big cat would take up the whole space.Really, there's so much stuff that the kittens are set for toys for a long time. They are very satisfied.

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