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TOLYS 380W Electric Sheep Shears, Portable Sheep Clippers with 6 Speed,Electric Goat Shears for Sheep Goat Llama Horse Alpacas Thick Coat and Heavy Duty Animals Hair Fur Grooming

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TOLYS 380W Electric Sheep Shears, Portable Sheep Clippers with 6 Speed, Electric Goat Shears for Sheep Goat Llama Horse Alpacas Thick Coat and Heavy Duty Animals Hair Fur Grooming

  • 380W Professional ShearsTOLYS Electric Sheep Clippers feature a durable all-aluminum head and a rugged reinforced nylon PVC body, Ultra-sharp blade with high hardness, high heat resistance, toughness, low vibration and low noise, blade pressure adjustment with rotating button, which helps shearing smoothly and quickly.
  • Product Advantages Updated TOLYS Sheep Shears adds 1-6 speed control gears let the operation to become more easily. 1-3 gears are slow speed and 4-6 gears are high speed. You can adjust the speed according to your needs.
  • User-friendly & Easy Maintenance The blade has high hardness, good toughness, sharp and the blade-tipped has got fine machining which don't hurt the animals. Nylon PVC body and low vibration design which can make the hand feel comfortable, which helps shearing smoothly and quickly.
  • Powerful Motor TOLYS Sheep shears has a power of 380 watts and provides up to 2400 strokes/min to improve efficiency, which makes your job of shearing sheep, goats, alpaca, llamas and angora rabbits to become more easily!
  • Widely UsedA professional farm engineering tool, by replacing the exchangeable clipper head to meet the needs of most farms. Suitable for sheep, ewes, goats, llamas, alpacas and any other member of the camel family well groomed. But we do not recommend using it on cats and puppies since the powerful motor.

"Make life easier and better" is the principle of TOLYS. We are always committed to providing customers with better and higher-quality products, and it is our working philosophy to consider customers wholeheartedly. Our product research and development center is set up in Washington, where scientific researchers continue to innovate and improve products to provide our esteemed customers with the best product experience and the best quality products. At the same time, our sales team continues to sell globally and our products are sold in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. TOLYS will always be your best choice! TOLYS 6-Speed Detachable Blade Professional Electric Sheep Shears This is a powerful, durable and versatile sheep shear that animal groomers will love. Thanks to the powerful full copper motor. High and low speeds make it perfect for sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas and other members of the camel family and thick coat dogs which are over 70 lbs. or lager than 25" (e.g. Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland, St. Bernard etc.). It is suitable for individual sheep farmers and is also suitable for organized large-scale shearing.Detachable blades are ideal for grooming versatility and cleaning. This sheep shear is compatible with all TOLYS sheep blades series. 185 feet wear-resistant power cord allows you to move around any animals and equipment. TOLYS professional electric sheep shear provides everything you need. Choose the perfect one and enjoy the pleasure of animal grooming. Specification: Voltage: 110V Plug: US plug Power: 380W Upper knife: 4 teeth Bottom knife: 13 teeth Shearing width: 3 inch Speed of the knives: 2400 rpm Cable length: 185 inch Read more Powerful Motor : This machine is equipped with 380W high-power motor, compact structure, light weight, low vibration and noise during work, can run for a long time, and has high work efficiency, which is more than 5 times that of ordinary wool shears. It can reach up to a high cutting speed of 2400 rpm, which makes grooming easier and hassle-free. Durable Blade : The sharped blade is made of high grade steel to ensure long lasting durability, which allows coats to be cut quickly and efficiently, as well as protects your animal from cutting or jabbing. Multi-Speed Versatility : Low speed (1-3) offers precision performance to clip sensitive areas. While high speed (4-6) delivers maximum power for faster trims and full body shave downs. Package Includes 1 x Carrying Case 1 x Electric Wool Shear 1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x Screwdriver 1 x Instruction Read more Replace the Blade Use Screwdriver to loosen the screws The blade can be replaced by pulling out Add Lubricating Oil Adding lubricating oil can avoid jamming and prolong the service life of the machine and the machine trims the wool smoothly Clean Up the Wool The wool maybe fly into the machine. After shearing the sheep, clean the wool in the machine regularly. This will not only maintain the machine, but also make the machine life longer Clean Up the Wool If there is not much wool in it, just clean it with a brush Step 1 Grooming Tips: This electric sheep shear is designed for sheep, alpacas, llamas and large dogs with thick coat and coarse hair. Not small animals.For better using experience, we suggest you to use this sheep shear with lubricating oil and cooling spray. However, please notice that there is no oil and cooling spray in the package due to the limitation of international liquid transportation.Avoid long time usage. It would be helpful to use cooling spray every few minutes and take small breaks during shearing otherwise the machine will get hot.Always oil the blade before and during grooming to extend the life of the blade and prevent heat build up.Remember to use the brush to clean the machine, change the carbon brush, and oil the blade after every use. To pack it and put it in a ventilated place for next use. Read more

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