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Real Meat Dog Treats - Roasted Chicken - 12oz

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    • Contains (1) 12oz bag of dog treats.
    • Tasty real meat treats for dogs.
    • Soft treats are easy to break into smaller pieces.
    • Grain-free recipe with no artificial flavors or meat by-products.
    • Safely cooked in the USA.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews

    Apparently my dogs love them, because one of them somehow got into them when I was gone and ate the entire bag, after only receiving one treat prior to me leaving the house. LOL needless to say my dog is a huge fan. I also find it to be a safe product because my dog did not get sick after containing the entire bag full in one sitting. I think that says a lot about the ingredients because my dog will puke up other treats.

    Mariana Montesdeoca Design
    Makes my dogs like zombies out for brain...

    My dogs absolutely LOVE it! All of them just love it and even the cat loves this, I’m like wow!! This is for dogs! But it’s very soft so I guess the cat is fine eating this. They just taste delicious. However they break so, so easy, it’s hard to even get a big peace out, they are all broken in small pieces and I have 2 German Shepard’s which it’s like not fun to give to them, the chihuahua it’s and the cat, but which they didn’t break as easy, I still give all them this treats they are like crack heads with this.

    My senior loves the Chicken and Duck

    My senior dog has had many of her teeth removed and I wanted to find her a tasty, soft treat that was not just a box store purchase for minimal cost. These are very easy to break apart in smaller pieces and my dog knows the scent before I completely pull it from the bag. I indulge her with 3-4 at a time, and if I want to entice her to eat supper, I can crumble 1-2 in the dish as well. If my dog loves it, then I love it.

    Best treats ever! Stock up!

    We have three dogs, the smallest of which is an older Yorkie with no teeth. I ordered these because they’re soft, making it easier for her to eat. I cut the meatballs in half to make sure she doesn’t choke, which used working great.My only problem is how much she loves these! Our dogs typically get a treat after I send them out back to go potty just before bed. This Yorkie loves the treats so much that she’s started trying to find reasons to get treats all day long. She’ll stand just inside the doggie door and make noise until she sees me and I tell her to go outside, then expects a treat when she comes back in (since I sent her out, just like at bedtime). It’s actually hilarious and she’s too sweet to say no.

    Tasty for the dog!

    I really like these and so does my dog! This is definitely a higher value treat than the regular ones we use for training. We pull these out when we go on walks and know she’s gonna be a menace. The only negative is that these CRUMBLE! They’re great for a short while but after walking for a while, they’ll just sort of crumble and shred apart in your hand

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