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3-In-1 Horse Health Supplement - 3.75lbs

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    • This supplement helps support normal joint function and collagen synthesis with a combination of glucosamine HCl, Chondroitin Sulfate, Vitamin C, Manganese, and MSM.
    • It provides excellent hoof conditioning with 16mg per 2oz of Biotin.
    • The supplement contains Omega fatty acids to support healthy skin and a lustrous show ring coat.
    • Highly palatable.
    • Cinnamon apple-flavored pellets.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Susan N.
    Works great!!

    We use this daily for about 3 years for one of our horses who has a joint injury. This helps her a lot. She gets injections and chiropractic every 6 months and the vet was just saying the last time how incredible she’s doing.

    Arielle Ampeh
    Makes supplement feeding easier

    Using this instead of feeding Biotin and MSM separately. Highly palatable for picky horses (when I first started the powdered MSM, one of my horses would leave about half of his food). Comes in a bag and with a scoop.

    Rhonda Salo Guerra
    It works

    I have a 35 year old Halflinger Mare. She has sore hips and her left knee is enlarged and gimpy.Ive been feeding her this Horse Health Combo for 4 months she trots and is happy . Then I ran out two weeks ago because I took it off auto ship. Big mistake. Now she is grumpy and biting her pasture mate and moves real slow. Got more ordered and it's coming in two days. It works

    Noticed a difference after 2 months!

    Supplements take a minute to kick in and do their job. I almost gave up on it after about 4 weeks but I’m about 8-10 weeks of using it and it’s AWESOME! My horse hasn’t been blowing past barrels, he’s feeling good and looks sooo good! I love that it’s a pellet formula so it’s easy to mix in with grain!

    C. Lopez
    Works great on my retired showjumper

    I retired my thoroughbred after a 10 year showjumping career due to arthritis in his hocks. Since using this supplement, my horse (now 18 years old) has been moving so much better that the family that boards him has started using it on their 23 year old mare.

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