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Automatic Cat/Dog Toy - 5 Adjustable Ranges

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    • Fun Cat/Dog Toy-  The auto-rotating laser pointer create a unique and mystery experience for the challenging hunt. Different modes available, Automatic On/Off and Silent, Fast/ Slow Light Flashing Mode, Free to set these functions to bring a different experience to your pet.
    • Enjoy Self Play Time - Whatever fast or slow light flashing mode, the interactive cat/dog toy automatically turns the laser off after 15-minutes to prevent your pet from being over-stimulated and keep the game exciting. It will keep your pet running and exercise but not over tiring them with the 15-minute auto-timer.
    • 5 Adjustable Circling Ranges: The exciting pet laser pointer rotates in a random 360-degree pattern across floors which appeals to the natural hunting instinct of cats.
    • USB Charging Or Four AA Battery Powered: This toy can be charged by a USB cable or AA batteries. You can take this toy to any safe place.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Elizabeth D. Kunz
    Cats love it!

    This is a big hit in our house! Despite being totally sane, we have 5 cats. Two of them LOVE the laser. I wasn't sure if they'd go for an electronic laser that follows a pattern, but those two had the time of their lives when we set it up. It's really great for us since I'm bed ridden due to sickness and mom works all day. We can plug this in and they can be entertained for hours! love it.

    Xiaofan Ruan
    good tool to interact with your pet

    My cat-like it very much!!! she always chases it and jumps around in the living room, since its automatic and doesn't need humans labor, so I really like it. because when my work gets busy, I don't have enough time to play with her, this toy really helps me and gives a lot of exercise training for my cat. I would highly recommend it. btw, the speed and direction of the laser are adjustable, so cats won't get bored easily.

    This is a lifesaver for obsessive pets!

    We have a very hyper-active, obsessive boxer. She will play with a ball or the chase a laser light for hours. Thanks to this amazing laser light, my arm is no longer cramping and she has a laser light that turns on automatically every hour or so. We have it plugged in so not sure how it does with batteries but this is seriously the best. Every pet in our household loves this light.

    Lisa A. Richardson
    My cat loves this!

    My cat loves this toy! I use it every day. I use batteries in it but the USB is a nice option. Every morning I turn it on and let my cat chase it for a few minutes then I turn it off to conserve the batteries. She always likes to chase the red light, never gets bored with it. I have had it for a few months now. No regrets buying this for my cat!


    Our lil boy Lewey loves chasing the red dot. But when we came across this toy we were not thinking it would really keep his attention like the red dot we have and use. But this toy has literally did more plus!! We can't say enough about this toy. All our furbabies love it!! All 3 of our cats literally can't get enough of this toy!! It keeps them entertained for hours on end and eventually tires them out!!We highly recommend this toy for all cats. This literally is the best toy ever!!!

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