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Triple Flavored Rawhide Kabobs - 12oz - 18 Count

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  • Wrapped with premium cuts of real meat.
  • Made with premium chicken, wholesome duck, and hearty liver.
  • These uniquely shaped treats provide long-lasting entertainment.
  • Decadent gourmet dog treats.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Dennis Hollingsworth
Woof.....& woof & woof, just,....Woof!!

I asked my dog all the questions posed here...Is it fresh, is it a value for what we’ve (sorry I paid for) is it tasty...? These are honest questions that were presented to me...the dog...? He scratched his ear....looked at me...he paused then he proceeded to lick his private parts....Then he woofed at me. Then another woof, & yet again a woof with just a slight bit of an attitude!!Yep, that’s what u get...when you ask a dog the state of affairs....he will woof...all nite long!!!

A Cafass
My pups love these but they do get chewed up quickly

I have 4 smaller dogs and they sure love these, and I love the price so that is why I signed up for a subscription of these but they are not long lasting type of chew bones, so be aware of that. I bet for my 20 lb Bostons they barely last 10 minutes.. but the dogs favor these bones more than all the rest so that is what I buy for them.

Sarah Abrams
all the doggos love them

i love these i have 4 dogs that love them this is their daily treat no worry about toxic chemicals or if they eat a whole bag accidently getting a hold of it they wont die!! also a good little chew break helps the boredom of home life. i keep these on hand if we ever run out they all sit at the cupboard and pout! you wont regret getting these for your furbaby and they will be stoked too

D. Ketterick
observing a spoiled dog

"Woof, woof, woof. Woof!" barked Jagger as he sauntered back into the house from another successful patrol in the backyard. The twist of his head as I wrestled with the difficult-to-open, orange-and-white bag told me I had a moment before he struck. Then, a pounce, as 57-pounds of fury leapt, mouth open, in a desperate attempt to snag the entire bag. Ignoring my stern look, he returned to staring from the floor, waiting as best he could. Finally, package opened, Jagger snatched a stick and sprinted into the living room to devour his third treat of the day.

B. Murray
My dog’s absolute favorite treat!

My Maltese pup eagerly awaits gettting her teeth brushed, because this treat is her reward afterward. She can hardly wait for the Kabob, jumping up eagerly, almost snatching it out of my hand (politely, of course), and dashes to her favorite spot to gnaw on it for quite some time. Since my dog hates having her teeth brushed, it is a testament to how wonderful this treat is. No other treat quite matches her eagerness to receive one of these. Happy, happy dog!

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