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Basic Goat Hoof Trimmer Set – Electric Plug-in -110volt – Accessories Included

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Basic Goat Hoof Trimmer Set – Electric Plug-in -110volt – Accessories Included.

  • Used by Goat Owners for regular maintenance trimming
  • Quickly remove the hoof flap and sole material Easy to have flat hoof with the correct confirmation - Extremely dry hooves not a problem
  • Eliminates struggling with hand tools - Trimmer designed to operate using one hand - Trim faster and reduce the stress on you and your animal
  • Set Includes: Electric Plug-In, 110 volt Trimmer, 8-Tooth Cdisc, Silver Flat Disc Coarse Grit, Blue Flat Disc Medium Grit, Diamond Coated Chain File, Wrap Around Safety Glasses, Canvas Tool Bag, Video & Print Instructions, Hex Key, Flange Holder
  • Convenient, safe and easy to operate - Helps reduce pain in the wrist, hand, arm and back - Enjoy a smoother, pain free trimming experience

The Hoof Boss Basic Goat Hoof Care Set Plugin Version is designed to meet the needs of most meat and milk goat owners who maintain a small number of animals. The Trimming Set consists of the Hoof Boss with an 8 foot power cord, and contains one 8 Tooth Cdisc, 2 abrasive discs, a diamond file, safety glasses, a DVD instructional video, as well as written instructions. The set comes in a sturdy canvas tool bag so you can easily keep everything right on hand. The 8 Tooth Cdisc is used to easily remove excess hoof material without fear of cutting the goats’ hoof. Unlike hand shears, you can see how much you are taking off and it leaves a smooth edge helping to prevent Hoof Rot. The two abrasive discs also remove hoof material but through abrasion. All 3 discs are small enough to work between the toes of the goat. The Blue Medium Grit Disc is used on goats that are small hooved or regularly maintained goats that do not require a lot of work to bring the hoof back to confirmation. The Blue Medium Grit Disc is a great choice for treating a foundered goat. The Silver Coarse Grit Disc is best suited for medium to large goat breeds like Boer Goats. The Silver Coarse Grit Disc is more aggressive, taking hoof material off faster. Of course, which disc you use depends on the condition of your goats’ hooves and the climate conditions of your area. Hot dry climates tend to produce harder hooves than hot wet climates and cold conditions often cause the hoof to harden. The Hoof Boss Trimmer is ergonomically designed to help ease the wrist and hand pain found while trimming with hand shears. Being small and lightweight it is easily operated with one hand and still handles the toughest hooves.

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