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AURYNNS Pet Thermometer Dog Thermometer, Fast Digital Veterinary Thermometer, Pet Thermometer for Dogs, Cats, Horse,Cattle, Pigs,Birds, Sheep.(Battery Included)

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Pet Thermometer Dog Thermometer, Fast Digital Veterinary Thermometer, Pet Thermometer for Dogs, Cats, Horse, Cattle, Pigs, Birds, Sheep.(Battery Included).

Changing from Celsius to Fahrenheit To switch the display between ℃ and ℉: While the thermometer is off, press and hold the power button for a few seconds, until you see the ℃ or ℉, release button. Measurement position: rectum Technical Specifications: Instant temperature Beeps indicating LCD display & Memory Display temperature in both Fahrenheit or Celsius scale. Easy operation. Reliable & sanitation & safe Shut off automatically Suit for measuring kinds of animal, like dogs, cats, pigs, cattle,horses and so on. Measurement Range: 32.00~43.00 ℃(89.6~109.4℉) Accuracy: +/-0.1℃ between 35.00℃ to 39.00℃ +/-0.2℉ between 95℉ to 102.20℉ +/-0.2℃ below 35.00℃ or over 39.00℃ +/-0.4℉ below 95.00℉ or over 102.20℉ battery type: 21.5V(AAA)DC Battery life: Approx. 5000 measurement readouts Dimensions: 19011035mm Operating Instruction: 1.Turn on the thermometer by pressing the button. 2.The thermometer will beep, after sound is stop, meaning the unit is now ready to use. 3.Insert the Probe tip into the animal. 4.With 6 seconds if the temperature is steady, the thermometer will beep and display the temperature reading. 5.After 2 minute non-operated it will shut off automatically. 6.Shut off automatically after 10 minutes without any operation. Packing: 1 thermometer, 2 AAAbatteries, 1 handy strip, 1 manual

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