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Pet Odor Eliminator - 8oz

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    • Gets rid of the toughest pet odors. This is a commercial-grade citrus pet odor remover.
    • This pet urine odor remover is safely derived from the oil found in orange peels.
    • Our 8oz bottle of pet odor remover and carpet cleaner makes a gallon of solution.
    • The odor eliminator for the home can be used on cat odor in litter boxes and pet odor in the yard and kennel.
    • A powerful and effective dog odor eliminator that even works on animal smells in barns and stables.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    This is the single best product I’ve ever bought on

    I cannot believe how amazing this stuff is- truly! I read a good portion of the reviews, both good and bad before I purchased this, and I had high expectations. I was also desperate. We have three rescue cats. They’re generally pretty good, about the litter box, but when something is not as it should be they tend to voice their displeasure by peeing on things. Usually things I like. Somehow one of them peed on the underside of my leather couch- maybe when I had it flipped over for cleaning? This dastardly move produced a two fold problem. The urine soaked through the underside of the couch onto the cushions and dribbled onto the carpet. In my 35 years of cat ownership, this was one of the worst episodes I’ve dealt with. I cleaned it up with all of my usual detergent and enzyme products, but the smell was still there. I ordered this stuff and waited patiently for 5 days. When it arrived I was in such a hurry I mixed one capful of product diluted in a 32 Oz sprayer bottle. It didn’t seem very “orange” and it didn’t seem to work. One of the cats, probably the mystery pee-er had the audacity to sit on one of the couch cushions while I cleaned. I decided to give it another go and re-read the directions. Oops. This is a very important step. Just because this stuff is expensive, don’t think you can save money by using less- it won’t work. The second time around I used 2 ounces diluted in the 32 Oz spray bottle. Boy did it work! The orange smell is strong, but not horrible. I saturated my cushions and the underside of the couch as well as the carpet underneath. My carpet is white, and it didn’t discolor the carpet, but I would test it out first in an inconspicuous spot if you have light carpet or furniture. The smell is gone!! The best part is the cats hate it and won’t even go into that room. I then decided to spray (lightly) the chairs and couch in the other room that they’ve been scratching. So far they’ve left that furniture alone too. Double win! (I’ve tried everything to get them to stop scratching furniture). I’ll probably lightly mist that furniture once a week just to keep them from shredding it. Overall, this stuff is awesome. It’s expensive, but works better for urine odor than anything else I’ve ever tried.

    My secret weapon again invasion from flaming poop rockets

    The day I received this product I originally left a 1 star review. I received the package and eagerly mixed the magic solution to declare war on the odorous indiscretions of my two Maine Coon Cats. I cleaned around the litter boxes, on the floor nearby and up on the wall where who knows what happened in moment of defecation induced craziness. Nothing, no fresh smell of oranges to mentally take me to the tropics with my oversized stink bombs of feline floof. And to top it off, it made the plastic on the $500 fancy litter machine a little yellowed and tacky. Frustrated, I pounded out a one star review and went to take care of my pooch who had been suffering from a bowel obstruction.After a $1K vet bill, my wonder-dog was sent home to be watched closely after being dosed up with medications and a wheelbarrow load of laxatives. Later that night I was peacefully slumbering while dreaming of a citrusy fresh abode complete with the dog rapping fresh melodies in the gold room. Alas, my slumber was interrupted by the a thundering blast. Only when the odor wafted by my nose did I jump out of bed to promptly escort my fluffy time-bomb outdoors. After a quick survey of the floor, I thought it was just a fart...After trotting the pooch by the yards of my least liked neighbors, I gave up on the obstruction passing and decided to go back to bed. That is when I found it. It looked like a case of greasy chocolate pudding exploded after suffering an air raid. IT was EVERYWHERE. Most notably, it was piled on my favorite (semi)-ethically produced goose down duvet, which was conveniently still laying on top of my slumbering spouse. My dog doesn't get in our bed so I briefly pondered if I should blame this monstrosity on the cat. After careful consideration, I realized this pudding beast was larger than my cat, or any cat and moved forward with decontamination efforts.I tried to stealthily pull the duvet off of my slumbering husband who only responded by jarring to alertness as he reached arms out and (urg) down. In his repulsion he flung his arms upward creating a trajectory of flying feces. Houston we have a problem.Enter Angry Orange wearing a bright colored cape of freshness. I balled everything up and tossed it in the washing machine for a rinse cycle. As an after thought I added a slosh of the orange vodoo magic to the rinse cycle. Then I went to work cleaning every soiled surface, so pretty much every surface of my bedroom as my husband ran to the shower to scour off the unpungent malodorous masses clinging to his flesh.As I finished a rapid wipe down of the room, snoop began dropping beats about a tropical orange paradise. My husband returned and asked if all of it has just been on the duvet. I just shook my head yes, went to run the linens through a regular wash load and returned to bed. No stench. Granted, the intense orange smell was a bit much, but knowing what odors had lurked shortly before I was good with that. Even the duvet smelled fresh.Thank you Angry Orange, for restoring me to peaceful slumber and a super big thank you to Angry Orange for saving my marriage. My the freshness be with you.Afterthought - the photo is not of the poop, no one, NO ONE wants to see that. It is simply a mug shot of the instigator in this feces fest.

    Jessica A.
    It really works!

    I bought this product and used it 6 months ago. I waited to review it to see if the odor would return. I can say without hesitation that this product does exactly what it claims to.I had an area of carpet where dog urine had soaked into on multiple occasions over a year before I purchased this product. I had tried vinegar, enzyme cleaners, you name it! They would temporarily mask the odor but then it would return, especially on hot days. I was about to give up and tear up the carpet. Enter Angry Orange! One application and the urine smell is gone and has not returned in 6 months.My only issue was I did not heed the warnings and mixed a far more concentrated batch than I should have. Big mistake. I smelled the bottle and it didn’t seem that strong. I really, really wanted the urine smell gone. Even after I mixed it and sprayed the area it didn’t smell that bad.. until the next day. My entire house smelled of oranges so strongly, you wouldn’t think your whole house smelling like oranges could be a bad thing but it was so overwhelming. I left every window in my house open for 2 days. Then it was okay upstairs, but I could not go downstairs where I had sprayed it for more than a minute before the smell would drive me back upstairs. We didn’t use the room where it was sprayed for at least 2 months. So please read the instructions and dilute appropriately!

    The BEST

    Please do not let the price of this product deter you from buying it. It will be one of the best cleaning product purchases you will ever make as it eliminates odors of ANY kind not just pet urine. I purchased a spray bottle and dilute this product with water and use it throughout our entire house. The smell is incredible and lasts a very long time. I have severe migraine headaches triggered by strong scents so I was very concerned about this product...there was no sensitivity to this scent and if I can say that (as I can't be anywhere near Pine Sol, Clorox, or Lysol Original) rest assured if you too have sensitivities you should be safe. I have used it on upholstery, hard wood, faux wood and porcelain tile flooring. I have used it in every room of our house and it works fantastic for cleaning and odor removal (of any kind). What prompted me to write this review today was I just used it this morning on our microwave where we recently warmed garlicy leftovers which left an obnoxious odor (garlic's great when it's in fresh baked lasagna but NOT when it's 2 days old aromas) this product wiped it out completely. It is amazing...it lasts a very long time because you choose how much water to dilute it with...I will be honest that I don't use as much water as instructed on the bottle just because I love the orange scent and how it lasts but even my liberal use of it one bottle lasts us for months. I hope this review is helpful I am sorry I did not write it sooner as I think we all need to work together to help one another to make life's everyday chores just a little easier.

    So far So Great!

    I've lived in my place for 10 years and have had a boatload of dogs over the years. My dogs had 4 litters back to back and after the last batch I couldn't take the smell. I changed the carpet upstairs however the dried up piss went pass the pad and onto the baseboards. So its always been slight hint of old pee here and there. Now my doggies are old and they can't make it outside when its time, even when I have 10 pee pads down my female dog goes where she pleases, so you know how irritating that can be.I've tried it all, went on pinterest to find different mixing solutions, different products on and it seemed to have worked for that day or two and then a slight smell would return. I can tell the most when I walk up and down the stairs cause that's when I can catch a good whiff of it and it irritates my soul. I found this product on an ad and decided to check out the reviews on .......after about 7 minutes of reading, I went ahead and order me a bottle.Got my bottle yesterday and was surprised how it wasn't big but when i poured some into the bucket to mix with hot water, that orange aroma was potent. cleaned my entire third floor and it smelled like fresh orange peels. I opened the windows and went back downstairs to clean up. 20 min later I walked up the steps to the third floor and didn't smell anything but that orange aroma. Now at this point I'm smiling.....i walk into my bedroom, no hint of old dog piss anywhere.....this is the second day and I smell nothing except that orange aroma.....It erased the smell, not masked it but erased it. I'm highly pleased with this purchase, I'll come back and do an update after a weeks time.

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