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Cat Toys - Butterflies

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  • The Funny Butterfly Cat Toy flutters and flies around unpredictably, driving your cat wild and encouraging active play.
  • Exciting battery-operated cat toy with a fluttering butterfly to encourage your cat to hunt and play. The toy has a broad base for stability and comes with replacement butterflies.
  • Easy to use with just a touch of the button and a gentle push, the battery-operated butterfly starts to rotate.
  • The toy's base is broad and heavy to stop it from sliding around, even during lively attacks on the flying prey.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
M Swisher
Great toy!

My cat came around on this one and really likes it. She sits on it, stands over it, and attacks it when it hits her belly. She was at first intimated, but I left it on the floor, turned off and just turned it on here and there for a few minutes. That was the difference. It has held up well, does not tip over, or come off when she is playing. You can see some chews holes, but it is no where near worn out.

Michael Lustfield
Kitty Approved

My cat absolutely loves this thing. It's made him more vocal than anything else. I'll sometimes hide it halfway underneath something so it's harder for him to get at. The results can be very fun to watch. At least once every couple days, he'll start whining a lot and sit next to this until I turn it on.It's a bit of a battery hog, so plan on rechargeable batteries if your cat also like this thing.

D Ferrer
My cat is addicted

My cat is obsessed with it -- batting at it nonstop since I set it up for here -- I love that it comes with a 2nd butterfly piece for when the first one is destroyed by my cat -- overall it seems a little fragile, but that doesn't bother me -- she loves it -- it doesn't come with batteries but I didn't mind that (required 3 AA)

Lazy cat finally got a toy she actually plays with!

I got this for my more active cat but he gets bored of it easily and chewed off the strings within 5 minutes. What really surprised me is how much our lazier, older cat loves it. She likes to play occasionally but as soon as the toy gets flung anywhere that requires her to get up, she loses interest. This toy is perfect for her. We turn it on, she lays next to it and gets to swat at it and try to catch, really goes crazy for it. I had never seen her play so vigorously for so long with anything. I highly recommend this for cats like her who do not like to chase toys!

Patrica Wells

I love watching our chubby cat play with this toy. It's durable and she's rough with it. The batteries have lasted even with as much time as I put it out for the cats. The butterfly looks a little ragged now but holding up very well considering the way our one cat goes after it. We haven't had to replace it with the spare and don't imagine we will for quite awhile! This is the best cat toy we've bought!

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