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Cat Tree - 35.4" - Beige

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    • All-Purpose Cat Tree: This cat tree features multiple levels, each with a series of interesting structures and activities, that provides endless jumping and pouncing. The cat tower is 35.4" tall, and it comes with a scratching board and sisal-wrapped posts for multiple scratching opportunities. A cozy cubby to nap in and a dangling ball toy both sweeten the cat tree.
    • Durability & Stability: A sturdy and stable cat tree is a great way to keep your wild kitty safe while they play. With all of the jumping and climbing that happens on cat trees, you want to be sure the one you get has a stable and sturdy base. 
    • High-Quality Materials: The cat tower is composed of certified P2-grade particleboards with a household-grade, skin-friendly plush carpet covering, without any chemical stimulation and horrible smell. The soft material provides a more comfortable surface for your cats.
    • Easy Installation: This cat tree comes with detailed and easy-to-follow instructions so you can assemble them step-by-step. The engineered structure and compact footprint provide ultimate space efficiency.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    My big cat and little cat love this! Very sturdy!

    My big cat and little cat love this! My small cat loves the hammock and my bigger cat sleeps on the top bed! They love to scratch and play on it too. Their favorite is watching the squirrels and birds out of the window I set it nest too! Super sturdy!

    Great features. Would buy again.

    Excellent cat tray. Easy to assemble. My initial cat tree I thought was missing one screw and I was able to assemble it in a different configuration which the cats absolutely love. Of course I found the screw under the cardboard when I cleaned up.I had already contacted the company, and the company quickly offered to send additional hardware to fix the problem.

    My cat loved it!

    The tree was easy to assemble, and it feels very sturdy. It took a little bit for my cat to get used to it (he was a stray, probably had never seen a cat tree before). Now he loves sitting on it and looking out the window!I believe an adult cat can fit just fine in it, Bilbo is a big cat and fitted snuggly. I do recommend this tree!

    A great deal- my cats love it

    My cats were a little sketched out about it at first because it was something new, but they’re getting used to it now. I sprinkled a little bit of cat nip I had on it to attract them to it and they love it now! They’re fat so they’re almost too big� but I think it’ll last a while and they’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of it!


    I love it and so do my 2 cats!! Really easy to put together.

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